Technology Observation


Okay I just reserved a book online with my local public library for my next book club meeting. They only had one copy and I got it!!! So someone please remind me again as to why I am supposed to hate technology? I can do all my banking online including depositing checks, paying bills, putting a stop on checks, etc. My entire shopping, yes all online if I choose. I can purchase an eBook from “Amazon” or “iBooks,” I can get audio books or rent/buy videos and movies. Who needs cable TV anymore? And what about “YouTube,” are you serious? I have found decades old video of favorite long gone artists like Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, all kinds of music in some cases going back to the origins of recorded sound, and if I want to learn how to add extensions to my hair, sew, knit, learn to mambo, understand calculus it is all there. Now with the vendor apps, i.e. “Starbucks” for my café latte, “Fandango” for my movie tickets, I can keep track of how much I spend for items and what’s on sale. I use “iTunes” to create playlists for teaching water aerobics classes where I tunnel the music to my class through beautiful surround sound “Ue Boom” bluetooth speakers; and then there’s “iTunes Radio” and “TuneIn Radio” all making it possible to listen to radio stations around the world. And Sundays the variety of churches offering online services is mind boggling, if you are not in the mood for fellowship you need not leave your home to know what the Pastor had to say this week. Exactly what is there to hate about this technology, it was maybe 15 years ago at best that we were standing on long lines at the bank to cash a check, and remember the good old days of “Blockbusters” and heading out on snowy days to get a movie and wait on line for the cashier, then trying to get it back on time to avoid the penalty. Just owning an iPhone meant for me no need for a landline. I can talk to friends and family and know that they have not yet gotten out of bed via Skype or Facetime. Wow the cell phone has made phone booths obsolete. And the Internet/Google has completely placed the world at my fingertips. And what about airline ticket purchases using the Internet as opposed to a travel agent, seriously what’s not to like?


Hey light bulb moment! Look at all the middle management and introductory positions/jobs that are no longer necessary. So how do we go forward with all these ingenious amenities yet keep our citizens working for a decent wage? I want all the conveniences offered by technology and I want people to survive, to continue to make it beyond just getting by. Is modern technology advancement, or is it the decline of our nation, of our world? Why can’t we use this technology to find a solution? After all it does everything else.


  1. Hi Gail, It’s DeBorah from Lisa Nichols, Speak Write and Make Millions conference. I’m so glad that I ran across your Facebook account and saw the request to check out your blog. I love the post I just read because I have been pondering the best use of technology as well. I was once an Information Technology guru but I got out of the field because I wanted to stay home with my children. In raising my three kids though, I exposed each of them to technology and they are the new gurus. The best use of technology for me now is to get connected and stay connected to people in ways that weren’t possible in the past. Social media platforms such as Linkend, Youtube, and Facebook have helped me to connect with people. Secondly, technology has advanced the learning curve my decades and maybe even centuries. You can Google anything and find some kind of an answer.
    Furthermore, it brought me to your blog and I’m so happy for that. I am starting a new blog soon too. I don’t know if you remember this but we were suppose to be writing partners when we left the Lisa Nichols conference. There’s no time like the present…I’m open to discussing if you are. I hope to hear from you soon.
    DeBorah L. Globe
    formerly known as DeBorah Oresegun

    1. Hi Deborah, I must apologize that I cannot recall exactly who you are, I do remember the name, but no face comes to mind; and I certainly remember that fabulous event. It was inspiring. Well let’s make it happen, and be partners in writing as we vowed. I will look for your FB page to see if it jars a memory. Peace, Gail

  2. Hi! I found your blog via a comment on another. I think technology has made things better and worse so to speak. Better by being able to do all of the things you list: online banking, iPhones etc. However, we have also lost so many jobs, as you mention. People are also less “tuned in” with one another as relationships have become more solitary. It’s a catch 22 I guess.

    1. Thanks for your input Crystal. You raise an important point as it regards relationship building. Technology can be cold as we miss out on the human senses of touch, hearing we attempt to connect.

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