Month: March 2016

Being Barak

Republicans have this all wrong. President Obama is naturally poised, self-assured, articulate, intelligent with a dash of cool. Republicans think because Barak Obama became the POTUS, that the position created in him this bigger than life royal persona. They do not get it. I would suggest to them these attributes are innate characteristics Obama possessed even as a struggling community organizer with large student-loan debt looming over his head. The presidency did not make the man. This man simply took his attributes to the Oval Office with him. Now chew on that Cruz, Trump, Rubio and just try to step into those shoes with the dignity and grace President Obama brought to the White House. I am doubting you three can.  My sense of things is that this President has always and is still just Being Barak.

And in Being Barak and POTUS he, among other things, was influential in bringing down Osama bin Laden, in saving our failing auto industry, and adding 13.7 million new jobs to a struggling economy, he ushered in the 17.6 million people who now have health coverage under the Affordable Care Act,  he has made the United States the leader on championing climate change regulations , and can take responsibility for reopening the Cuban Embassy, and then there is the United States’ role along with six other countries in entering into an agreement on the landmark nuclear deal with Iran. History will reflect his was an extraordinary presidency; a presidency for the ages that will stand the test of time. It is unfortunate our republican leaders intend not to build on what is a sure and certain turn around from the gloomy situation that was 2008. But instead republicans and in particular their candidates for president seek to destroy all the Obama accomplishments not for the good of the country, but rather to annihilate the accomplishments of an African-American President. Republicans seek to bolster old conservative ideals that only serve the wealthy and their own personal and oft as not narcissistic endeavors.

And in time there will be 2017, and it will usher in a day when President Obama no longer occupies the White House. What does that mean? It means a President Obama freed up to  go about Being Barak.  As explained in the previous paragraph he as the President of these United States accomplished much in spite of the opposition. In Office, the change we could believe in was handicapped. Outside of the White House that change we sought when we voted him President will be more fully revealed, will be lived out, it will not be stymied by a Senator and Speaker of the House making it the republicans primary purpose to make President Obama a one-term president. Being Barak , private citizen, means not having one’s plans reigned in by jealous zealots.  Being Barak means taking the community, the vulnerable along with him. In 2017 it will mean having connections he could only dream of as a community organizer.  As the former most powerful man in the world his prospects are endless. And I predict it will be the dawning of a better day for all.