The USA – A Bazaar State

Humor me a little as I am still trying to digest the idea of a man who could expound bombastically upon so divisive, so negative a message, a man who exemplifies the meaning of narcissistic, a man for whom the only God before him is apparently himself, this man has a “huge” following and is stepping into the most powerful position in the world. Now give me some leeway if you will because in my attempt to understand so grave a phenomenon, I had during the last weeks of the Trump campaign noticed something rather strange. And I confess it could be just me, but did anyone notice how all the Trump spokespersons and strategists put out in front during his campaign seemed a bit unnatural almost robotic and expression-less? It was like we were in some weird sci-fi movie where the Trump advocates on all the networks had been programmed so tight that their speech tones, rates and patterns were spewed out in an irritatingly mechanical fashion. Their comments were always coupled with identical smirk-like expressions of superiority. They looked over-rehearsed and reminiscent of a boring slick, yet ironically successful, car salesman. And check out their glassed over eyes suggesting they had been served a hypnotic cool-aid of a sort. A cool-aid handed out for free at all the Trump rallies, explaining the chants of “lock her up.” In defense of my granted biased proposition, ladies and gentlemen I give you Rudy Guiliani, Kellyann Conway, Steven Cortes, Katrina Pierseon and Omarosa Manigault. And further please note in many a great sci-fi movie there is the added element of. Yes I said it, “horror.” Stay with me here and consider what it would mean for any of these robots led by Trump to actually be a part of running our country. Can you imagine a more horrific circumstance? What’s up with these Trump surrogates, could it be the Russians are snatching bodies?? Hmmm impossible you say. . . . but quoting from Sherlock Holmes “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” Oh I know what you’re thinking I need to get a life!

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