How did it come to be

This friend turned lover 

Becomes my adversary

And all I feel is free

And all I feel is free

Like a dead fish regurgitated by an angry sea

Now lying on a pebbled shore 

Alone exposed no salty wave to catch

Or tide to revive him from death

No protection from a burning sun

No cover he is fried to done

Once the predator he is the preyed

I look to feel familiar pain

The tears like rain

But all I feel is free is sane

How did it come to be 

This friend turned lover

I no longer see

Ordered Steps

This world can throw some heavy rocks on your path

but remember on your path to look up

because yes there is sadness, but there is still joy,

there is defeat but there is still hope,

there are dark places but still there is light

and while some will hate there is still the power of love . .. .

beyond all those rocks, all those clouds . . . there is still God!